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Horizon Gymnastics & Dance Academy

  Best of Port Charlotte Award Winner

Horizon Gymnastics & Dance Academy, 

Summer Schedule has begun!!

Hello Horizon Fans,

As we return to gym, Horizon will be maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all of our students and families. This is going to take work and cooperation from our staff, athletes, and parents. We need every family to do their part to practice good hygiene, follow our policies and procedures, and be patient and supportive of our athletes and coaches during this time. I am so excited to see all of our students and provide this excellent plan as we navigate and get back towards normal.

We hope that when you feel the time is right your family will be as excited as we are to return to Horizon. We ask that you look over the schedules and contact us by email or phone to sign up. 

As you can see, we will be open beginning at 9:00 am to 7:30 pm to allow for further social distancing and spread classes out throughout the day. This actually will provide for more one on one learning with smaller teacher student ratios and allow for fewer people in the gym at one time. I think that students will receive even better training using this method! Please understand that although we cannot hold as many classes at the same time, I feel it is more important to operate in this safe manner. We ask that you are understanding of our new time schedule and know that it is designed for the safety of everyone.

Our staff has been working very hard and our first few weeks back have been amazing! When you arrive, you will notice all the fresh paint, social distancing signs, organization, new check in windows and squeaky-clean facility. I want to thank each and every staff member for their hard work and dedication over the past few weeks to our students and families!

My dedication to Horizon’s families of being the best Gymnastics & Dance Facility in our area has been my lifelong goal. Now more than ever this has been put to the test and I am proud of what we have done. I promise to provide not only a safe environment but a school that cares about each and every family.

Looking forward to a great SUMMER here at Horizon!

Shelly Proa, Owner
Horizon Gymnastics & Dance Academy

We want to share our strategy with you:

  • Improved check in-out processes
  • Staying safe is going to require additional staff with fewer students so we have adjusted class size-Student to staff ratio has been limited to 6:1 during phase one of our reopen strategy.
  • Healthy Hygiene Practices and Wellness policies.
  • We have above-adequate supplies of soap, installed touchless soap dispensers, and provide hand sanitizer using the W.H.O (World Health Organization) recommended formula.
  • We have intensified cleaning, disinfection across the building and equipment. Built in-class breaks and buffers to allow for deep cleaning between students and on frequently touched surfaces including mats, bars, door handles, sinks and discontinued drinking fountains. All recreational classes will be 55 minutes to allow for cleaning in between classes.
  • All equipment will be cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected multiple times throughout the day.  Balance Beams have been moved to provide social distancing at more than 6’ apart.
  • Our staff and instructors have been trained on the correct application of disinfectants.
  • Horizon Gymnastics & Dance Academy has developed policies following the Mitigations Strategies for communities with the Local COVID-19 Transmission. These plans will provide additional steps for the safety of our students.
  • New Makeup class options-If your child misses classes they may make up their class. There will be no expiration for scheduling missed classes, during phase one.
  • How to enter and exit the building to accommodate social distancing. There is one entrance for athletes to check in and a separate one to check out. Parents must be with their child for check in. We ask parents DO NOT drop off your child.
  • Office Contact Information: [email protected], 941.627.5342
  • Contactless payment suggested

STAGE TWO-Our decision to move to stage 3 will be made with continued guidance from local and state authorities. As the pandemic situation changes our guidelines are subject to change.

Student Policies:

  1. Must stay home if they or anyone in their households show any symptoms.
  2. All students will be required to fill out our new waiver. This will be given to all students and must be signed and returned prior to returning to class.
  3. Wellness Policy: Temperature checks at entry, no-one allowed with temperature over 100.4. (If your child has a fever it must be gone for 24 hours without medication before returning to gym).
  4. Students must bring their own water bottle. Team students are suggested to bring two bottles. Water fountains have been turned off for phase two.
  5. Student must sanitize hands upon entry and exit and in between events.
  6. Students will be required to be checked in by one parent. Parents may not drop student off without their child being checked in.All students and parents must wear a mask for check in and check out.
  7. Each student in recreational classes will receive a plastic storage bin to keep their water bottles and shoes. Please bring at least one water bottle and slip on shoes only such as flip flops or slides. The students will keep their personal belongings with them through the class. These personal bins will be left in the check-out area and then sanitized.
  8. Students must be picked up ON TIME. In order for our systems to be safe for all family’s parents should be waiting at the check-out door (the front door on the left of the building, no later than 5 minutes before the end of class). Any child that is not picked up on time will then be moved to a separate waiting area. Parents who are late more than once will be subject to a late pick up charge. If there is an emergency, please contact our office as soon as you can so we can communicate with your child’s coach. The Check-out Area will be monitored by a Horizon Staff Member at all times.
  9. Competitive Gymnasts must bring their own chalk to practice each day. Recreational students do not need chalk. All competitive gymnasts will be supplied with a chalk box and (1) block of chalk on their first day. 
  10. Students who need to have athletic tape applied by coaches must provide their own tape and pre-wrap. Coaches will wear a mask and wash hands before and after athletic taping. Parents will need to contact coaches to approve this prior to athletes being taped.
  11. Students may choose whether or not to wear a mask. If students do, they must provide their own mask.

Staff Policies-Phase Two:

  1. Must stay home if they or anyone in their households showing any symptoms.
  2. Temperature checks at entry.
  3. Face coverings will be worn by all staff during our initial reopen phase. This will be a trial period as coaching is a physical job and proper ventilation is required. Staff coaching high level teams will keep social distancing and may at times have to remove their masks to provide essential coaching.
  4. Must sanitize hands upon entering, and between each station and class.
  5. Good hygiene habits encouraged at home and at the gym.

Family Policies-Phase Two:

  1. One parent allowed in gym per child, temperature checks at door.
  2. If anyone in student’s household is showing symptoms, they cannot attend.
  3. All administrative and billing must be done by phone or email with the front desk. Parents are encouraged to sign up for autopay. Payments can be made using our Parent Portal by credit card, credit card over the phone or check drop off box located in the entry way on the wall or. (Information will be sent out in separate email). Cash payments can be accepted at the window to the front office.
  4. New families should contact our office by email ([email protected]) or phone (941.627.5342) to set up a registration time with our office staff.
  5. We are excited to announce our NEW Parent Portal. This is a more user-friendly online format for parents to view their accounts and interact with our front office.
  6. Any questions regarding training, programs or other nature please direct to Owner-Shelly Proa [email protected]
  7. Social Distancing will be enforced during spectating. We have a limited number of view seats. At check in parents will be asked if they are dropping off or staying to view. If staying one parent per child may sign in on the viewing sheet. Upon leaving please sign out at the check in window with the staff so we can remove you from the list and offer that spot to additional spectators. All viewing will only be in the bleacher area that has been marked off with social distancing guidance. Any person who may not be able to view upstairs due to medical reasons or person needing assistance please contact the office for additional options. There are a few chairs as well for seating. We ask that you do not move them as they have been set with proper distancing.
  8. All spectators must wear a mask while inside the gym during phase two.

Class Policies: Phase Two

  1. Limited spotting as necessary. Coaches will utilize many stations and progressions for proper learning. Gymnastics can be effectively taught by teaching methods such as proper progressions, development of shaping of skills and verbal coaching.
  2. Class sizes limited.
  3. Classes altered to limit sharing equipment between athletes where possible. All Recreational students will match their color wristband to corresponding equipment. Equipment will be sanitized between each class.
  4. Classes altered to promote social distancing.
  5. No Parent & Tot classes during Phase Two.
  6. Students must come to class prepared. Please make sure your child comes dressed and has used the restroom prior to class. If child does need to use the restroom, staff will sanitize after each use.
  7. All students will sanitize hands before and after each event and upon dismissal.

Facility Policies: Phase Two

  1. Complete facility disinfection 3X per day in addition to individual event disinfection between classes.
  2. Instant bleach cleaner installed in all toilets.
  3. Building Capacity reduced to no more than 50%.
  4. Water fountains have been turned off for Phase two.

Competitive Teams:

  1. Upon return to gym athletes will focus on getting physically and mentally back into shape. We have developed an amazing and extensive flexibility and conditioning. This plan has been developed into three stages.
  2. Please do not send a sick child to Team Practice. Sick children will NOT be allowed to stay. Children who become sick while at Team Practice will be isolated from other children and parent/guardian will be called to pick up the child.
  3. Team Gymnasts are required to bring in their team gym bag with the following items, marked with their names. Water bottles (2), Personal chalk and chalk box, Grips or trampoline shoes/socks if needed, any tape or pre-wrap. Any snack must be kept inside the student’s gym bag. All team athletes will keep their gym bag with them during workouts on a designated space at each event.
  4. Focus will be on strength, flexibility, and skill recognition. We have now moved to the new skill stage and are working towards learning and progressing skill levels.