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Cheer Tumble (7-16 Years Old)

The cheer tumble class is for participants interested in working on all level tumbling skills and cheer positions and jumps necessary for cheerleading. Instructors work within each student's ability level. Horizon has many tumbling areas such as our in-ground tumbletrack, rod floor, floor exercise mat and trampolines that are all part of the equipment used in the Cheer Tumble classes.

Beginners work on mastering cartwheels, round offs, back bends and front limbers. Intermediate level students work on developing skills such as back handsprings, front handsprings and walkovers. Advanced students work on round off back handsprings, back tucks, aerials and twisting skills. 

All classes are one hour.

Cheer Tumble Classes-60 minutes

Monday                      6:30-7:30 pm

Tuesday                     6:30-7:30 pm

Thursday                    6:00-7:00 pm